About us

DCMS company quickly gained confidence of a great number of clients from both private and public sector, because it is relying on a team of engineers, technicians and qualified workers, and also on powerful and suitable materials. Professionalism, thoroughness and seriousness in the business, and, above all, the respect of contractual commitments (quality, costs and deadlines) represent a leitmotiv for our company which focuses its business on installation and maintenance sector.

Today, DCMS offers a large scale of services in all branches of industrial sector:
• Construction, maintenance and cleaning
• Household and industrial electricity
• Rewinding and reparation of electrical machines
• Plumbing, management of wastewater, sewage, maintenance of water treatment plants and management of solid waste.
• Ventilation, air-conditioning and installation of cold rooms.
• Vehicle air-conditioning
• Gas tubes fitting
• Maintenance of mines
• Drilling
• Supply, reparation and updating of fire extinguishers
• Landscape architecture, conception and decoration of balcony
• Anti-parasite management and control
• Logistics and management of supply chain

Provide to governmental organizations, private companies, vehicle owners and homes, appropriate and sustainable solutions in the construction, repair, maintenance, cleaning, landscaping and provide energy services. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional personnel provides operational excellence in all aspects of the Company's activities and meets or exceeds our vis-à-vis our customers.
To become the leading provider of technology services, mechanical and management.
DCMS is committed to sustainable excellence in business performance by focusing on the following: www.dcmsglobal.comDCMS Global

  • - Reduce the appearance of untimely breakdowns and need of repairs Improve the environmental conditions of cleanings industries and workplace.

  • - Ensure a healthy, safe and secure atmosphere for the customer against the risk in the environment.

  • - Meeting customer requirements by improving the management of the supply chain.